Gospel Shoes…

 gospel shoes

How beautiful are the feet that bring good news!
But why is nobody wearing their gospel shoes?

I hold in my hands the map of salvation instructions
Yet I let the lost march right off the cliff of destruction

How can I idly watch the pagan stroll right into hell?
The fear of man zipping my mouth shut intimidating me not to tell

Do I really care about the lost’s damning condition?
Am I betraying him while “playing church” like the son of perdition?

Commanded to take this message to the ends of the earth
Yet snared by man pleasing that I wont even leave my own turf

Sunday church service…check…tuesday Bible study…check…
But I wont say a word to my next door neighbor…what the heck!?

The god of this world blinding sinners to the light
And Im too busy making leisure my one true delight

Would you let a baby crawl into a swimming pool?
Would you let a man shoot up an elementary school?

Emphatically No!!! You wouldnt if you had the power to stop it from happening
Yet the carnal man opens the door to gehnna while we sip our lattes…simply baffling

How will they ever preach if no one goes?
How will they ever hear if no one knows?
How will they ever believe if no one sows?

“Its not my spiritual gift!” You might say.
Then do the work of an evangelist and start seizing the day!

The power is in the message not the messenger
The power comes from the Spirit not fleshly expenditure

All believers are sent to fufill the great commission
There’s no opting out , its not called the great omission

“I’ll do it when I feel like it” the comfort christian declares
But the Word says “preach in and out of season” as far as im awares

Exalting political correctness above making disciples
Conforming to the worlds system caught in the devils cycles

Blood  on my hands by not sounding the trumpets warning
Busying myself with work, Ignoring the Spirits prompting

Taking a much needed walk down memory lane,
Recalling my sinful past that brought so much misery and pain

Remembering sins that would condemn me to outer darkness without payroll
Then came the savior paying my bail in blood to save this once lifeless soul!

How could I not share since I have been forgiven of so much!
How could I not care when I have been given of so much!

Not ashamed of the glorious gospel of grace
The power of God for salvation to every believing tongue, tribe and race

Knowing the terror of the Lord, persuading   sinners to repentance
This Ambassor of Christ preaching reconciliation, blocking hells entrance

Evangelist firefighter snatching the blind  out of the flames ,
Hating their dirty clothes yet offering redemption from one’s shame

Seeking and saving the lost is now my all consuming passion
Emulating Jesus by letting these fears get devoured by His compassion

The gospel is simply  preaching the cross and resurrection
The message is a loss unless recieved  without rejection

Use the 10 commandments to break up the hard heart
Use the mirror of Gods law to prepare sinners for a new start

The good news is like a grenade, all you have to do is pull the pin
It alone has power to obliterate transgressions, wickedness, and sin

The love of Christ compels me to share with all!
The fear of sinners impending doom urges me to sound the call

Its not up to us “convincing” people into the kingdom
But faithfully declaring the whole counsel of God without compromise or opinion

Shinning like a star by turning many toward righteousness
Bold as a lion, preaching Christ crucified beaming with God’s likeness

Lace up those gospel zapatos and be looking for opportunities
In the words of spike lee ” its gotta be the shoes” when reaching one’s communities

So be praying for those divine appointments and open doors
Because Gods willing that none perish, desiring all be saved forevermore

Continue to water and plant the seeds
As the one wins souls is truly wise indeed

This is a spoken word (form of poetry) that was written by my brother in Christ, if God used this on your heart to encourage you and strengthen you to share unashamedly the Greatest News in the Universe, than check out his ministry at breakingforjesus.com
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