Too long of a break…

It has been an overextended time of not writing, for many various reason.  But true to my aim in life as well as with this blog, everything is working for God’s will and purpose.  There has been major heart construction in me the past year, and God has wrought this in my life through many different channels, the anchor being His Word in the hands of His Spirit.

The lapse in writing has been a period in which God has graciously and patiently corrected my view of Him and in doing so, completely changed how I see the world.  Everything from my sin to His glory has been re-calibrated using the one and only standard, His Word.  It is so very interesting that we can spend hours, days, and years in His word, and yet be blind to the life changing view of His glory.

God has replaced my secular mind with a God-centered mind, and I may be wrong, but this is not an event, but a process, and is most certainly at the frontier of our fight for faith that Paul has spoken of.   A lot of the actions in my life are a result of an awakening and desire to keep God at the center, and everything else peripheral, even the so called essentials of life, like health, family, and even life itself.

My prayer going forward is that my life, my speech, and my writing all be done with the utmost care and pains to keep GOD at the center.  This is not easy and it is not the result of human effort, all though there is plenty of that involved.  In order for us to take the greatest command [Mark 12:30] serious and the resultant obedience to it, this has to be the workings of God’s grace in our lives through His Spirit.  The renewing of our minds [Romans 12:2] cannot be equated to the amount of time in the Word, but rather it is equated to the amount of work the Holy Spirit is working through His Word, which means, yes you do have to spend time in the Bible.  To prefer God with all my heart, mind, and soul, over everything else cannot be wrought by grunt work.

This is a very threatening thing to people, especially to Christians.  It gets at the root of what it means to be a Christian,  which is a heart issue.  Which we know, we are completely inapt to effect in a manner that causes genuine life long change.  If my heart desires women over the worship of God, there is nothing I can do to effect that desire, I am bankrupt and folded over at the mercy of God to redirect my desire.  Regardless of what my outward conformity is, if my heart prefers anything over, that which is the utterly supreme, all good, and all satisfying, namely GOD, than it is sin.  And that is scary because, we can’t just follow a program that will change our desires and redirect them to God.

It is my hope to share more as God draws my heart deeper in love with Him, and daily grants me repentance from preferring broken cisterns [Jer 2:13], which cannot satisfy.  I fight daily to prefer the Fountain of Living Water, over the broken lust cistern, the vengeance cistern, the pride cistern, which do nothing more than provide a vapor of satisfaction, which leaves me utterly malnourished and in a worst state than previously.

I pray that God is working mightily in your heart to call into existence the things that were not [Romans 4:17], namely deep rooted yearnings for God, that He be everything to you and that every cell in your body prefer Him, as He is, infinitely worthy over all.


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6 thoughts on “Too long of a break…

  1. Beautifully written

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  2. Yes, i agree to long of a break! i truly miss you brother. Beautifully written.

    Thank you for allowing Him to use you.

    In Christ,
    Paul Perry

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    1. The feeling is mutual brother! Praise God for His patience with us!


  3. I appreciate your deep inside Dan. Pls. keep on your distribution list. May God continue to bless you.

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    1. Glory to our King, what an honor it is to be called into His kingdom!


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